Economic Reports

Houthis created a fuel shortage to increasing flow through the black market that they control

In an act of economic and humanitarian escalation and dangerous market manipulation, the Houthis have created a fuel shortage with the goal of increasing flow through the black market that they control. This will only cause further deterioration of the humanitarian situation, which the Houthis want to use for political point scoring and to gain the sympathy of the international community to pressure for the cancellation of Government Decree No. 75, which curbs illegal trade in fuel in Yemen.
The Houthis are responsible for the fuel crisis and the rising prices because the amount of fuel that went into the areas that they control during the previous period in 2019 is more than is needed until mid-May. There are no legal shipments that were not granted a permit to be imported, and fuel distributors are prepared to provide fuel as long as the Houthis do not interfere.